Posted: Jan-14-2014 5:22 PM in Random

Gabby is the most precious gift I have ever received. He is a yellow cockatiel with orange cheeks. Gabby learned to talk and whistle tunes. There is nothing more pleasant than waking in the morning to Gabbys tunes and his excitement when I would get up. He sat on my head and serenaded me as I vacuumed the floor. But Gabby got startled on August 28, 2013 and I foolishly had the breezeway door open as I was reaching out to grab something. He was flying with such panic that I was afraid to close the door for fear of hurting him. He flew straight up into the air and was pulled into the jetstream. I watched horrified as it pulled him screaming eastward away from home at 34th and Monroe streets in North Park San Diego, CA. I corresponded with the local weatherman John Coleman. And using the information he gave me, I figure Gabby should have come down around 38th st. and Monroe. I have posted signs, I still periodically ride around calling for him. I update my lost post on craigslist everyday. But that is not enough. I need your help. If you know someone that has found a bird like Gabby, please let them know that I am broken now. I cry like a baby everyday, almost all day. Gabby helped me to recover from a long illness. He is my companion, my friend and I love him dearly. I am offering a generous reward for Gabbys return. Won't you tell your friends and have them tell their friends and so on? Gabby is sure to make it home with your help. Thank You and May God Bless You and Your Loved Ones.